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She won the 1948 Academy Award for Best Actress for her role in the 1947 film The Farmer's Daughter and received an Oscar nomination for her role in Come to the Stable in 1949.Young moved to the relatively new medium of television, where she had a dramatic anthology series, The Loretta Young Show, from 1953 to 1961.She cut her first record, "I'm a Honky Tonk Girl", in February 1960.Lynn focused on blue-collar women's issues with themes about philandering husbands and persistent mistresses, inspired by issues she faced in her marriage.And it is kept alight throughout the year with pilgrimages to chapels and shrines, gatherings, the performances of havaneres (sea shanties), tradicional dances, the carnaval, tirada a l’art (a tradicional fishing technique) and the meadiaeval market.A hole series of festival, customs and traditions have been passed down through generetions and constitute the town’s heritatge.She pushed boundaries in the conservative genre of country music by singing about birth control ("The Pill"), repeated childbirth ("One's on the Way"), double standards for men and women ("Rated 'X'"), and being widowed by the draft during the Vietnam War ("Dear Uncle Sam").Country music radio stations often refused to play her music, banning nine of her songs, but Lynn pushed on to become one of country music's legendary artists.

Bronzor first appeared in the movie The Rise of Darkrai, where it was battling a Gible.The series earned three Emmy Awards and was rerun successfully on daytime TV and later in syndication.In the 1980s, Young returned to the small screen and won a Golden Globe for her role in Christmas Dove in 1986.The gardens were designed by the famous Barcelona architect Nicolau Maria Rubió i Tudurí and commissioned by the Marquis of Roviralta.A beatiful combinations of stairways, fountains, little squares, mermaids and vantage points are set amongst a wonderful variety of Mediterranean trees and plants.

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If the soul is inmortal and eternal, one of its most earthly manifestations is Santa Clotilde Gardens, which date back to the turn of the 20th century.