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Summary: Bosses and supervisors aren't from another planet, but sometimes they seem to be. Conflict between a difficult boss and an employee can be daunting and intimidating.

Here are some tips to help you deal with difficult bosses and supervisors.

Here are some signs that you ought to start watching your back when it comes to your boss: Something went wrong and now your boss's superiors want an explanation.

Instead of taking some accountability, however, they place the blame squarely on you or your team.

How do you deal with all the different personalities, stand up for yourself yet still have everyone like you and not feel overwhelmed by it all?

This is where you'll find tips and strategies on dealing with the personalities in the workplace.

"Now some bosses do this even with employees they like, but if your boss really doesn't like you, they may loathe the idea of giving you any credit for your work or ideas," "Tame Your Terrible Office Tyrant author Lynn Taylor says.Is there someone that makes you feel intimidated or insecure? It really doesn’t matter who that person is, if at all possible, we will naturally look for ways to limit our exposure intimidation and insecurity.Does someone you know bring out these feelings in you?Any of these situations can seem intimidating, and no sane person seeks out intimidation.Have you ever wondered what gives that scary person the emotional leverage to manipulate your feelings?

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Why does it feel like they are able to take control of your feelings?

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