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Sources say that Yolanda’s messy divorces are why Gigi is hesitant to get married.

(Photo Credit: Instagram) MORE: Selena Gomez, Gigi Hadid and More Stars Who Dated Their Friend's Ex “Gigi wants to make 100 percent sure Zayn's the one before she makes a lifetime commitment,” the insider said. The 24-year-old was also previously engaged British pop star , but it was his close relationship with his ex-fiancé that caused a rift between him and Gigi early on in their relationship — which is what led to the couple’s brief split last June.

Thousands of years ago, the earliest emerald were discovered in Egyptian mines dating back to 2000 B. Cleopatra, Queen of Egypt had a large cadre of emeralds and other jewels, but it is said that she loved her emerald jewelry the best.

As the precious gem associated with the goddess Venus, emerald is also commonly believed to aid in fertility.

The Georgian period refers to a time of political upheaval between 17 during the reigns of four English kings named George.

Short necklaces were popular during the Georgian period, and some of the most desirable styles included dog collars (or chokers), rivieres, which had a row of diamonds or gemstones, and multiple cameos connected by rows of draped chain to form a necklace.

Heart shaped jewelry - a symbol of love during the Victorian era.

One way to determine if a jewelry item is Georgian is by the mount: stones set in Georgian pieces often had enclosed backs and were set over a foil. To keep up with the rising demand for jewelry, reproduced copies of gemstones and a gold substitute known as pinchbeck became commonplace.

German citizens donated their gold jewelry to the war effort in the early 19th century and were given cast-iron replicas of their jewelry in return.

The Victoria’s Secret model sparked engagement rumors when she was spotted out in New York City yesterday wearing a gold ring on her wedding finger — just weeks after she turned down her boyfriend’s proposal after more than a year of dating.

(Photo Credit: Getty Images) MORE: Gigi Hadid Suffers a Wardrobe Malfunction During the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show — See Pics From the Runway!

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